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Domain Name Registration

A domain name registration is a identification that defines real name of an administrative autonomy, authority or control on Internet. Domain names registration are used in a various networking context and application, specific name and an addressing purpose. Generally, a domain is a name which represents Internet Protocols resources, such as personal computer uses to access internet, a server which host computer website hosting or a web itself or any other service which communicates via the internet, You Book your Domain in many extensions such as .net, .com.pk, .com, .net, .biz, .org, .pk, .net.pk, .gov.pk .. Etc, Domain Name Registration makes that domain for you and we are the one in Karachi who are providing some of the best Domain Name Registration rates in all over Karachi Pakistan.

Price Table For Pakistan

TLD Register, Transfer & Renewal / Year fee
.com 1300
.net 1300
.org 1300
.info 1300
.biz 1300
.pk 2500 x 2 Yrs
.com.pk 2500 x 2 Yrs
.net.pk 2500 x 2 Yrs
.org.pk 2500 x 2 Yrs
.biz.pk 2500 x 2 Yrs